On this page you find more information about the Live Programm's of Radio The Musketeers.


Presentation : Luus

Wenn             : Every Monday evening from 7 PM

Enjoy swinging or wandering with the most beautiful soul songs from the 60's to the present.
Every week the SOUL CLASSIC OF THE WEEK comes along.
Twice a month I highlight a tip of the veil on which number this is by placing a puzzle.
If you know the answer, please let me know and you may request a request.
(Please request requests a few days before the broadcast)
The jazz lovers can also take part because soul and jazz are close together.


Music Time

Presentation : Freddy

Wenn               : Every Tuesday envening from 7 PM

During his program 'Music Time' Freddy invents you to join his time machine to take you from on to another musicl era.
For example: you can make a trip from Woodstock, through Pinkpop (Landgraaf) to a concert of Pink Floyd and back again!>br> In peace Freddy tells you where you are about in time and what to enjoy in this period.
So no hous of useless talking from Freddy, No in 'Music Time' the music is central.

Do you join ?

Nashville Sounds

Presentation : Marcel

Wenn             : Every Wednesday evening from 8 PM

Marcel takes you to the mecca in countrymusic, the city of NASHVILLE.

Contremporay country music is paramount.


From the roots of the Netherlands

Presentation : Marcel

Wenn             : Every Wednesday evening from 9 PM

From the roots of the Netherlands is a new program at Radio The Musketeers, in which Marcel Mütze spoils us with exclusively Dutch-speaking music.

From wednesday, 6th of September, from 9 pm, right after Nashville Sounds, enjoy the delicious morsels Marcel has collected from Dutch language music.

Do you like to sing with a modern Dutch hit, or do you prefer an oldie that you want to listen to quietly?

Adventure Time

Presentation : Chelle

Wenn             : Every Thurday evening from 8 PM

During the programm 'Adventure Time' you not get the time to get bored!
In addition to the best music from then and now, Chelle fills her program with most varied themes, just as she likes.
For example: what did you think of a  "THEELICHTMOMENTJE" in which she read her poems or ... maybe yours? Or do you prefer a good joke and a fat disko-hit?
It might be possible....

Let's surprise you and go on a spontaneous adventure!


De Hitzolder.

 Presentation: Marlies.

 Wenn             : Every Friday evening from 7 PM

Above, on ther great attic of Marlies, there is a lot to see but maybe more to hear!
Actually, it's a mess, a place filled with boxes and stuff from past times that she tries to clean up. But that does not matter rightly. Her huge collection of albums is also there and that invites to play. In addition, she also purchases new records so that she can play both old and modern hits. Its getting tighter and tighter in the attic but she can't stop.

Listen and enjoy when the record player's dustcover opens....



Presentation : Marcel

Wenn             : Every Saterday moring from  10 AM.

A programm to wake up.
This program deals with unknown songs from well-known artists
Of course, contemporary music is not forgotten.
A fixed item in this program is TOP OF THE BILL LIVE MUZIC

Lean Back and enjoy your morning!

Requests are always played, provided they fit into the program.